Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life goes on

Congratulations!!! President Barack Obama. As you already know, history was made on yesterday. For the first time in history the United States of America has an African American president. Hats off to Obama and Biden. I am SO ready for change. For me the presidential election was just another reminder that life goes on. I mean here I am in another country while so much is going on in the states. On September 11, I was on my way to Iguazú. Most of us were pumped because we had a longer weekend not realizing that September 11 marked the 7th year anniversary of a tragic. It's crazy.

I currently have 2o more days in Buenos Aires and I am so excited, but also saddened because I am leaving my host mother. As my time here dwindles I am trying to fit as much in as possible. This weekend I went to two trips with my program. Today I went to another artesan's market in which I bought more gifts, but I still have so much more to buy. Man it sucks having a large family. Anyway, don't have much else to say so until next time...



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