Saturday, October 25, 2008

Colonia, Uruguay

Ever since I learned that we would be going to Uruguay on October 24, I have been waiting for that day. Even before the month of October began. I knew the month of October would go by fast but and for me October 24th marked the end of the month. Now this it has gone it passed, it's almost a bitter sweeetness. Yes, I am happy to know that in a month I will be going home, but in a month I will also be leaving behind a wonderful woman and an experience of a lifetime. I talked to all my siblings last night and it felt good to know that they are waiting on my return. They even decided to push back Thanksgiving dinner until I come home which is a big deal. I'm soo happy about that. Coming from a big family we really do it up on the holidays. I also got to see my nieces and nephews, which was great because I feel like I've already missed so much of their growth by being in school and this experience just adds to it. One day at a time.

Uruguay was amazing. We went to Colonia, which everyone in the program was pumped about that is until we saw all the work we had to do for it. I mean it was great to go to another country, but they really watered down the experience by making us do so much work. Ururguay was HOT it was almost unbearable. I definitely turned a couple shades darker. So part of the work was find out different uruguayo words from the native. That was relatively easy. Then we had to go to a museum and find out information on it. This part is going to screw me because I was so hungry that I was not listening. Wish me good luck. After leaving the museum we headed over to this little restaurant. I ordered ñoquis and a salad. Usually I'm not much of a salad person, but after living in Argentina for 3 months now I have been feening for some vegetables. That's crazy, but the food was really good. So our bill came and it said $395.00 Uruguayo pesos then it also said $64.00 Argentine pesos. Just looking at the prices shows the difference. It's amazing to see that a simple meal could cost so much between two people. Anyway, after eating me and my freind Matt both had the "ITIS" so we began to just relax on the grass. Then we saw our friends who missed the boat because they left their passports home and we began to chill with them. It was so much better hanging in a group then a pair. We began walking around the city. There wasn't much to see since Colonia is more historical than anything, but it was cool.

The process back was very interesting. Not to mention it was over 100 students on the trip then while waiting in line some Argentine woman began just moving through us. It was so rude and aggravating so we shut them out of the line. Ofcourse they began to curse us in spanish, but we didn't understand them so it didn't really matter. So I sit in the waiting room and now I have this super bright tan since I don't really get much darker. I just get more gold I guess. So I look up and there is this woman in front of me taking a picture so I look back and the woman directly behind me is cheesing all hard. So ofcourse I tried to move out their way, but here in Argentina no one ever want's me to move. It's crazy cuz there has only been like one person that has asked me "Can you take a picture with me"other people, like the woman behind me just starts posing and hope they get me in the shot. Then one of my friends began laughing histerically at the thought that these people wanted to take a picture with me because I was black. I told her it happens to me all the time. It's funny and very strange. I mean what are they going to tell the people when they ask who I am. Mind you I am in like 5 other people's shot. LOL.

While on the boat a guy in my program sat next to me that I have never seen in my life. It's amazing because after 3 months in the same program, there are so many people that I still don't know or ever seen before. We had a long conversation about everything and it was cool to learn about a new person. He was a very interesting character, but cool. Well I gotta go to my internship, I will be sure to write soon. Until next time...


Yaszy, la Morena en Argentina

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