Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just One Small Kiss

So since I've been here I've continuously said that the Argentine men are weird. I know that isn't nice to say but it's true. Tuesday for instance, was like any other day. However after having lunch with a couple of classmates since we didn't have class, I met the most interesting man. I don't know how long he was behind me, but I kept hearing somone talk. Needless to say he was talking to get my attention and he did. So for about 8 blocks he walked and talked with me IN SPANISH. I mean granted I am in Buenos Aires learning spanish, but I'm not that good, but I understood the gist. This man was crazy. He kept asking me for a "besito" which is a little kiss. Who in their right mind just kisses a complete stranger? Who did he think I was? And get this everytime I would tell him NO he responded "feo?" to see what I would say. Funny, but I'm not that easy so we parted ways. However, while standing on the corner waiting for the light to change I saw a man with a camera. Something just told me that he was going to try to take my picture so I turned my head and waited a while, but when I turned back I heard "CLICK." What is wrong with them? I don't get it and my host brother wonders why I don't want an Argentine boyfriend. No Thank You.

The rest of that night wasn't so interesting. I was sick. I think it was from the primavera tarta I had earlier. I think the diner gave me bad ham or something. It was a bad scene, but I was happy that I had such a sweet host mother because she knew exactly what to do. Immediately after she gave me medicine came up and I felt so much better. I was saddened however to think about when my aunt and boyfriend would take care of me. Man I miss being home. Soon enough I keep telling myself, but soon just isn't soon enough right now. Oh well, you do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. That's another think I keep telling myself. Well until next time....
Hasta Luego


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