Sunday, September 14, 2008

Puerto Iguazú

Last time I wrote, I said that I would be going to Iguazú Argentina. Well I went and it was absolutely amazing. It was so beautiful. Before arriving in Buenos Aires, I had a picture of what i thought everything would look like. Needless to say that everything was different, but Iguazú was definitely what I had pictured for a typical South American city. We arrived in Iguazú at noon after a 18 hour bus ride. It sounds really painful, but it wasn't that bad. We went cama which basically means that your seat goes down 180 degrees. It was definitely like first class. On the bus they served candy, champagne, wine, dinner and breakfast. We stayed at Marco Polo Inn. It's a hostel which is like a step down from a hotel here, but it was really nice. The amenities included Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a pool and continental breakfast. It was really nice especially because we got the chance to meet other travelers. Granted they all spoke english, but I was ok with that. For me, learning a different language is so tiring and sometimes you just need a break.

Upon arriving me my friends and I decided to go to the national park. There we did a nature trail which was nice, but long. When we finished we reached a natural pool. It was so cold. Part of me didn't even want to get in it and once I did I was stumbling everywhere from the big bolders. There was a small waterfall there that my friend wanted to take a picture under. I was definitely hesitant because black people just dont't do that type of thing. I was there for the experience though so I got under the waterfall and took the picture and hoped that my hair didn't get too wet. It didn't which is good since I still have some ways to go before I can go home and get it done. For dinner we went to an Italian restaurant which was really good. I ordered Lasagna. It was good, but I do not understand Argentines' obsession with putting ham in everything. It was good but I just wanted the simple meat sauce, cheese, and noodle lasagna that my aunt makes.

The next day we started our day early since we had another day planned at the park. We bought a package that included several things such as another nature trail, boat ride, and an ecological tour. It was really good some parts better than others, but it is to be expected. The best part of the trip was the boat ride. There we got a chance to see las cataratas (waterfalls) up close and personal. It was amazing. I have never seen anything like it. We probably saw every angle of the waterfalls and I couldn't stop but to be amazed at everything. It was absolutely breathtaking and all that I had expected it to be.

While I had a lot of fun, I definitely paid for it the next day. I woke up feeling horrible. Everything on my body hurt and what made it worse is I had a fever. I was horrible especially since my friends were going to ride horses that day. I wasn't too thrilled in the beginning about it, but i have only been on a horse once and that was here so I thought it would be a cool experience to spend 2 hours on one. Oh well.

Sunday was our last day in Iguazú. This was the day that I realized that I was in South America. I feel like it is so easy to forget because Buenos Aires looks like Times Square to me. It's a city and a big one at that and being from the city it didn't really amaze me. However our last stop of the day was to the Triple Frontier. It is a place where three rivers cross and while standing on the Argentina side, you can look to your left and see Paraguay. Then when you look to your right you see Brazil. Each place had an obelisk so that you can know exactly waht you're looking at. Something so simple had me in aww. It was amazing to think that if I could swim a little bit I would be in Paraguay or Brazil which is where I really want to go. Hopefully I will get a chance because that would be hot.

Hasta Luego


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