Sunday, September 28, 2008

La Viruta

Studying abroad here in Argentina has been both rewarding and challenging. Challenging for more reasons than one including being away from my family. However, lately I have also found it challenging being here because I really have to know myself to be here partly because I don't drink or smoke. Because of this I've had to distance myself away from my friends becasue they like all the places that I can't stand. And in order to stay true to myself, I stopped going out after we have dinner on the weekends.
However, last night three of my friends and I went to a place called La Viruta. Its like a place where you learn different dances. We were there for the Tango class which was an absolute blast. It was difficult at first because my first dance partner was an Argentine and I was scared and embarrassed to talk with him. One because I don't speak spanish that well and two because I wouldn't have known what to say in spanish about Tango. As if speaking it isn't hard enough, but we got through it. Then I began dancing with my friends which was an experience in itself. I know I was their worst dance partner but I am OK with that. It was just so much fun to just be free of all inhibitions that is of course once they began playing American music.

I can definitely see myself going back there. It was nice to enjoy myself and not wory about blackened lungs from smoke inhalation. I'm just joking, but on a serious note it's being true to yourself which many people find hard. It's definitely a crucial part of studying abroad. I'm glad I'm here.
Hasta Luego

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