Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Month Down...A Couple More To Go

So I've past the one month mark....Wooo Hooo! While it seemed like such a long time it has honestly gone by pretty quick. In the month that I have been here I have seen so much including more PDA that I honestly care for. It's amazing how often you will see people making out on the streets here. I mean they just don't care streets, clubs, bars it's whatever whenever. I mean some say that it's like that in the states, but I have never seen it this month. Apparently some of the Americans are following the trend too. I guess they are REALLY trying to make the best of their study abroad experience. Hey it's different strokes for different folks.

This was my second consecutive weekend going out and I definitly enjoyed my self. My friends and I went to a buffet style restaurant called "Tenedor Libre." For 17 pesos (a little over 5 USD) the food was pretty good. They had everything from empenadas to meatballs. They also had desserts which were amazing. I had bannanas and dulce de leche as well as a baked pear.

Upon leaving the restaurant we headed over to this little bar called "Antiguas Lunas" which I enjoyed. I don't drink or smoke so I must admit that I felt a little out of place, but they had great music by the way which was from the United States. You definitely hear more english music here than you would expect. They also had a live band which I wasn't really listening to. At one point me and my friends began making up dances. It may sound a little boring, but it definitely helped pass time.

Hopefully next time I write it will be about my amazing trip to either Mendoza or Iguazú. Originally we were going to go to Mendoza, but apparently it's freezing there now and none of us has the clothes for that. Now we are thinking about Iguazú which has the most breath taking water falls that I have ever seen. I am so pumped. However, today I broke my boyfriend's camera which kind of takes the fun out it, but he just told me to have fun. What a great boyfriend!!!

Abrazos y besos


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