Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spring Break

So it is officially spring in Argentina, which is great. Not that it has been all that cold, but warmth just makes everything better. I am currently on my spring break it has been much beter than I ever expected. Originally I really wanted to go to Brazil just for the bragging rights of being able to say that I spent my 21st in Brazil, but it wasnt feasible. I am happy though because while I am spending a lot of money I would have been spending crazy money just getting to Brazil. I decided to vacation with a couple of people from my IES program. They wanted to go to neighboring cities along the Rio Parana (Parana River) which included Rosario, Santa Fe, and Corrientes. However after visiting Rosario which was absolutely amazing our plans changed. In Rosario we stayed in the most chic hostel that I have ever seen. It was so stylish. I would definitely recommend CHÉ PAMPAS Hostel. We also met some cool Argentines who me and another girl began giving "English Lessons." It was great.

After we left Rosario we took the bus to Sante Fe. It was only 2 hours away, but in my opinion there was nothing to see there. That is however what one of the girls at Che Pampa's told us to. We basically went to museums and different churches around the city. Then we ended the night watching the sun set over the river. It was very nice and calming. We ended the night with a dinner at a restaurant which we thought was all seafood, but turned out to be all fish. It was such a bust. The first two or three dishes were really good, but it was a bit too much fish for me.

That night we headed to Cordoba. Our bus left at 12:30 and we arrived around 6 a.m. In Cordoba there was so much to see. We stayed in a hostel called Palenque Hostel. Lucky for us, the night we arrived was free empenadas night. While most people would have just bought a bunch of empenadas we actually made the empenadas. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I can not wait to try to make them at home. In Cordoba we went to more museums and churches. I don't know what the deal is with churches, but they are really religious. The highlight of my time in Cordoba was definitely going to Ché Guevara's house. If you don't know who he is, he is an Argentine who led the Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro. It was amazing. I learned so much about him and his later life. I had already knew a little bit by the movie "The motorcycle Diaries." I had watched it in one of my spanish classes and at the Ché Pampas Hostel, but I feel asleep half way through.

Spring break was good. I was really happy that I went somewhere instead of spending my time in Buenos Aires. My 21st was also during spring break which was cool. We didn't do much for it since we were traveling, but I am OK with that. The real party begins when I get home just 2 more months can't wait. Until next time...
Hasta Luego,


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